• Are you unhappy with the customer service of provided by your current insurance broker?
  • Do you wish you would hear from your broker more, especially when its time to make a decision about renewing or changing plans?
  • Did you see a big increase in your insurance premiums and are looking for alternative ideas?

As health care reform develops, choices for employers and what they can offer to employees continues to change. Programs have changed, requirements have changed and now you are obliged to consider taxes, fines, compliance issues, regulations and more.

In order to stay competitive and attract top talent, employers must provide appealing benefits packages. But as the line item on yearlys budget for these packages continues to increase, businesses of all sizes are faced with difficult challenges.

  • How do you offer the right benefits to employees in a way that controls costs?
  • How do you mitigate risk and fund your programs effectively?

At Campbell Petrie, no challenge is too big or too small. Through modeling and consulting we design packages so you understand your options and can choose the best direction.

But choosing a benefits package is only part of the equation. Whether the laws change or your business circumstances change, you need someone you can build a long-term relationship with who will be there to support you at each turn.

At Campbell Petrie, we take a responsive approach to our clients. When you have questions, we’re there for you with personalized attention. Our staff is highly trained and experienced so we can respond to you quickly, and our extensive carrier relationships give us leverage we can use on your behalf.

We provide you with dedicated service staff to help you handle your renewal process and we’re attentive to your bottom line.

When you need help on the claims side or when things with providers get challenging, we’re there to work with carriers and negotiate on your behalf. You don’t have to worry about whether or not a prescription will be filled or why you received a hospital bill – we handle it for you.

We have a full team here to support you, whether you need us to work with management, human resource executives, CFOs, CEOs or individual employees one-on-one.

From strategizing innovative ways to structure packages to helping you understand and prepare forms, Campbell Petrie has the capabilities and the resources that allow us to meet the demands of your organization.

Let us untangle the laws and eliminate the frustrations for you.